tummy tuck before and after

tummy tuck recovery

tummy tuck before and after

Just had a tummy tuck procedure lately and having a hard time with your recovery period? The complaining days about your bad abdomen appearance are gone. Now you already acquired a flattened abdomen at last! However, you need to bear an idea in mind what to do during your recovery period and how to make yourself safe and healthy while waiting all your cuts to heal. Well, it is a blessing you have come across this article because it will give you necessary tips on how to recover from tummy tuck surgery. Below are the tips for tummy tuck before and after.


Tips for Tummy Tuck Recovery


Recovering from tummy tuck procedure is really time-consuming as well as unpleasant. There are a number of things you ought to know regarding to recovering from this particular kind of surgery.


Infection: While you are still on your tummy tuck recovery period, do not forget to take in antibiotics after the tummy tuck operation. Not only antibiotics that you need to take in but also the full medical prescription your doctor had given to you. Suppose you fail taking in the full dose of the antibiotics, you may likely obtain an infection what will refuse to accept the drugs. You should also take good care of your body temperature on a regular basis since high temperature is an indicator of infection. Other signs can include the excess swelling as well as redness.

 tummy tuck before and after

Incision: after the tummy tuck procedure, some of the areas of the incision can heal faster compared to the others. Therefore, most of sutures will commonly be detached with an approximate of 10 days after the surgery. Some of the sutures may have to be gone for more than two weeks right after the tummy tuck operation.


Numbness: During the tummy tuck recovery period, you will experience numbness on your abdomen’s skin. This happens because some of your nerves were cut during the surgery done to you. Usually you will get back your sensation ion your abdomen after few months. However, there is also a possibility that you will not regain your sensation in this area anymore.


Walking: While you are in your tummy tuck recovery stage, it is best if you will practice walking around. This can able to help you keep your blood clots from structuring inside the body. In addition, it can help minimize the swelling that is caused by tummy tuck operation. However, you should be reminded that you are still not allowed to do the exercise right after the surgery. It is better if you will wait for an at least 3 – 4 weeks after the surgery before doing the exercise.


Shower: For you to have a good tummy tuck recovery experience, avoid taking showers or bath after the surgery. The cut needs to heal and they won’t heal fast if you will make them wet. Immediately exposing them to unclean water will cause infection. So better avoid doing this.


Finally, tummy tuck recovery is not an easy stage for someone who just had tummy tuck surgery. Reading and following the tips mentioned above will help you have an easy living while you are still in the tummy tuck recovery stage.